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This is a Mango Electronics (ME) specialist web site.
ME has an established zero failure rate on equipment it has designed and manufactured in the last 25 years and now offers products on-line made by other manufacturers that are also of high build standard and quality. By preference then, these will be made here in the UK, the European Union countries or the USA, wherever possible.

All products accepted for resale to trade and public have been rigorously tested in all respects by ME, so wholesalers, installers and consumers can thus order with confidence that the products will install easily and quickly and will work reliably for many years.
Many of these products are not available from any other UK supplier as they are made for, or imported directly, by ME. Consequently, ME will also undertake to hold stocks of spare parts for them, (such as the glass “shades” and silicone seals for the sauna lights range), and also will hold difficult to obtain consumables such as high temperature rated sauna lamps. MR16 “hot beam” aluminium reflector lamps for enclosed light fittings, silicone cable for wiring in sauna lights and sauna heaters and submersible cable for connecting up permanently installed underwater lighting, (all sold by the metre length, without a cutting charge or minimum order quantity requirement).

The sauna and steam room product list below is not exhaustive, but represents what ME has already supplied to trade wholesalers; not all of these will become listed on this web site, so please contact ME with your requirements, or for anything else that cannot be sourced elsewhere, including custom designs.

ME seeks to offer goods and products that have a low environmental footprint in respect of resources and energy to manufacture, efficiency and emissions in use and harm to the environment on disposal, or when damaged.

Safety in use is very important to ME and products which compromise this will simply not be offered for sale, (for example, traditional glass neon tube is considered safe, yet it contains high levels of mercury vapour when operational, just as in older fluorescent tubes, so it's fine in a club or bar, until someone smashes it and then everyone in the room ingests toxic mercury vapour!). In this instance, ME urges the use of LED neon line or side-emitting fibre optic instead, both of which are demonstrably completely safe and non-toxic, (they can also change colour and do not require the use of lethal high voltage power supplies in order to operate them either!)

ME attempts to minimise the environmental impact of the shipment of goods by means of recycling all packing materials and minimising the packed carton weight wherever possible, without compromising the packing's effectiveness in product in-transit damage prevention.

Web Site Product Range

  • Colour changing & colour therapy lights for saunas & steam rooms, (LED or fibre optic)
  • Combination heater, (a combined sauna heater & steam generator)
  • Down lights for saunas, showers, steam rooms & swimming pools
  • Fibre optic lighting kits for saunas & steam rooms, (as star ceilings, pavers, downlights or wall washers)
  • High temperature rated lamps for sauna lights
  • “Hot beam” aluminium reflector MR16 lamps for use in enclosed light fittings
  • LED lights for saunas, showers, steam rooms & swimming pools
  • LED illuminators
  • Line lights
  • Linear strip lights for saunas & steam rooms
  • Low voltage lamps for steam room & swimming pool lights
  • Sauna cabin components & accessories
  • Sauna colour therapy light panel & controller
  • Sauna heaters, domestic & commercial, classic hot rock & infra-red types
  • Shower lights
  • Silicone cables for connecting sauna room electrical equipment
  • Spare parts for sauna & steam room lights and electrical equipment
  • Steam room components & accessories
  • Steam generators for use with saunas & steam rooms
  • Transformers with a waterproof IP67 rating for low voltage lights in saunas, showers, steam rooms & swimming pools; also outdoor applications
  • Tube lights
  • Wall lights for saunas, steam rooms & swimming pools
  • Wet room lights